Barred Rock or something other?


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May 30, 2009

Is this baby a barred rock? I just read in some other posts that a barred rock has yellow feet but my three have black feet, so if this isnt a barred rock what could it be?
It's a BR. They have a yellow undertone, but black on top of their feet that can turn a bit more yellow after lots of egg laying. Yellow feet and bars are more along the lines of California greys.
My BR have yellow legs and I've been corrected on here that they're supposed to be black on the fronts- I'm not sure.

I guess it is common for the black, and if you look up sexing based on coloration at hatch, the more black on the front the more likely it's a pullet.

Other than the legs, looks just mine as chicks!
Dark sooty color down the leg fronts of BR pullets is common with hatchery stock, but not always the case. It's not that they are supposed to be that way, most just are. Yours does appear to be a BR pullet and has the proper leg color for one.
even better cause all of mine have super black color on thier legs and we were hoping they were all pullets

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