Barred Rock rescue


Mar 14, 2018
Hey there. I ended up with a barred rock chick today. It arrived at a local farm store this morning and I discovered her in the afternoon. Poor thing was pretty much doing the splits and pretty lethargic. I brought it to the attention of the store and they said they didn't know how to treat it so they would kill the chick. I said I'd give it a shot and now I've got her legs held close with bandage (her joints didnt feel out of place, so I assume splayed) I don't like to give up without a fight and hoping to make it through this in one healthy piece. She has definitely perked up a bit after I got her drinking some electrolyte water and helped get her started eating with some scrambled up egg. Full bellies are good bellies. Time will tell how she ends up. Trying to be strong in case I have to make a hard decision.

Anyhow, I actually have not looked too much into barred rocks as a breed besides little descriptions and their 'stats.' It wasn't what I was intending to get, but chick happens :) I guess what I'm here for is to hear what you guys think of the breed and her condition? I appreciate your thoughts!
If it’s the Plymouth Barred Rock? I love the breed, their friendly beautiful, lays large pinkish brown eggs, their bigger birds in comparison to production chickens. I had 4 of them since the very beginning of my chicken “career” I still have 2, one 4 yr old and a 2 year old still laying consistent out of my 30 layers of 20 different breeds.

About her condition, good that your giving the chick a chance, she might make it, some normally survive and turn out ok.
Good news guys, she is walking all by herself now! Strong and determined! She is incredibly silly and, as my partner put it, 'she stumbled her way into our hearts.'
We have a mixed flock of chicks that are about a month old and two of them are Barred Rocks. They have SO MUCH personality compared to the other breeds we have. They are curious and were the first to flap out of their brooder and roost on the edge of it before we got them out to the coop lol.
They are so gentle they'll fall asleep in your hand. You won't regret picking that little one up if it survives.
I only have one barred rock, my first, but so far she is by far one of the sweetest, most people-friendly birds I've ever had.

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