Barred Rock rooster has severe frostbite

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Nov 29, 2020
Hello everyone! Sorry not the best pic I know. So this is my first winter with my flock. I live in Canada for reference. Overnight temps around -20c so far but will be getting down to -30c or lower soon. My coop is insulated, kept dry and draft free. (Open most days when it’s nice out and the chickens enjoy going outside, they don’t seem to mind the snow at all) I have lots of ventilation with no frost on walls or windows. The problem is my Barred Rock rooster has sever frostbite or so it seems. My other rooster is fine and so are my hens. I’m not sure why he has it so bad (and it is now worse than the picture as it was taken a few days ago) Has anyone else had this problem?


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I can just barely see some darkened toes in the pic. Can you get some close up pics of his feet?

Okay, I just saw the pic of his comb. Is it swollen? He will probably have a rounded off comb in the future. Cannyou get some hydrogel spray, sometimes under the name Vetericyn, Theracyn or others at your feed store to treat his comb?
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That must hurt for him. My bantam too has frostbite so we put him in with chicks his size under a heat lamp to try and prevent it from getting severe. Your rooster looks like he might lose a lot of his comb tips.
Is it possible that he was kicked out of the warm spot and had to sleep somewhere freezing?

He seems to run the coop as far as I can tell and they all seem to stay on the top roost together. Lots of room for them all and then there is a second roost for them as well but they never use it. Coop is always locked up for the night.

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