Barred Rock rooster or hen???


Jul 22, 2011
i got what i thought were 3 barred rock is a mixed breed but i am pretty sure she is a hen.....but i am not so sure about these 2....they are looking like roos to me!....i got them at about 4 weeks....and i mentioned to the guy i got them from that they looked like roos to me....he said they were all suppose to be pullets....i really feel ripped off!!!....a mixed breed and 2 boys!!!...thank you for anyone who can help

They look like boys to me. And I'm not a barred rock person, but I think they are supposed to have yellow legs so might not even be barred rocks.
How old are they now?

I think it's one and one. Looks like the one on the left is a hen, and the othe one is a roo.

Barred Rock males are supposed to be lighter than the females... I think,,,

SOmeoe who knows far more than I will let you know.

Good Luck!

i think you could be right...the one that i think is a hen (not in the pic) looks like a RIR and BR mix....these 2 look to me like they have a little bit of brown around their necks...i dont think you can see it in the picture.....i guess i wouldnt mind so much if they were just mixed breeds if they were hens!!!...but i am thinking boys too!!!...neither have started to crow....they are about 18 weeks old
Those both look like roosters to me, and I've had one. I would take them back to that guy, you can sex barred rocks at birth, he probably knew what they were.

Does your mixed breed look like this?

He was my barred rock/red sex link mix.
Barred roosters but not full Rocks, they're black sex links or other wise mixed. Go back to your seller and see if he will make it right.

Oh, and you might want to post a pic of the other bird, just in case..................
Only the tiny one on the left in the first picture is a hen, the other two are roosters. They look like they have been crossed or are black sex links.
the 2 in the pic are the ones i am wondering think the one on the left is a hen? dont think both are roosters??...i will post a pic of the other mix one i have.....i called the man...he told me he sold out of chickens and doesnt sell them any more...and your right....i think he knew just what he was doing and didnt care....:(

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