Barred rock standards?

Heather J

11 Years
May 29, 2008
I have 13 barred rock cockerels, twelve of which are going into my freezer in a few weeks, but I wanted to keep one to breed to my BR girls. I understand to keep the barring strong, I'm supposed to keep the darkest roo, but I have several that are nearly black and white, as opposed to the more gray and white barring on the others. I bought the birds from a breeder, so they aren't hatchery birds, and I wanted to keep the best roo of the bunch, as far as breed standards go. However, I haven't been able to find a list of standards for this breed, or pictures of birds with the best traits, since I don't understand all of the terms--something I really want to learn and work on. I intend to sell chicks and hatching eggs in the spring, so I want to provide the best possible offspring. Does anyone have a list or pictures, or can send me to a web site with the information I need? I've googled, and done a search on this site but haven't found anything useful.

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