Barred Rock with slight Crele coloring?


8 Years
Mar 11, 2011
Tellico Plains, TN
This is my barred rock rooster. He was given to me so I don't have much background info on him. You can see on his wings the slight reddish orange color. He also has this on the other side, and the back of his neck. What do you guys think?


Also, I am breeding him to white leghorn hens. What color do you think the offspring will be? I'm setting the eggs tomorrow so it will be three long weeks before I find out.
He is a Barred mix. Barred rocks also don't have the black tail feathers. When a barred male is used in breeding, the offspring will have barring as well. I think they will make very interesting offspring. Can't wait to see them. My first thought when I saw him was Barred rock rooster over RIR hen parentage.
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most likely from that breeding since both colors are dominant is a really light barred white bird similar to California Grey's coloring.

a california grey was made by crossing a Barred rock to a white leghorn.

since urs is a mix it wont be a california grey but it will be close
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Would like a better picture but from what I see from this picture he looks like a Sex-link.

most def. she is full barred rock but has a slight creole coloring. my rooster has that. my fiance tells me he's just dirty and he dont clean himself. Rooster is from Oklahoma but living in Louisiana right now... he has more creole coloring than that even. it's at the top of him. We have old rusty cars around and I even blame the cars on him looking a bit yellow. Because he's half Silver Wyandotte and half Brahma. ;) he has markings of both, but this yellow color like the chicken in this pic. ;)

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