Barred Rock with sore on stomach

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    Have a Barred Rock with a sore on its breast/stomach, here is a pic, any help would be appreciated. She sometimes will sleep on on the bottom of the hen house, not anywhere there is poop, we do use white fir wood chips. She doesn't have any other issues. Wondering if this is just an area that has been irritated.

  2. Eggcessive

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    That looks like a breast blister, and they can easily get infected with staph or E.coli bacteria, causing an abscess or scarring. I would clean it daily with some betadine or iodine. Breast blisters are common in chickens who lie down a lot, especially in chickens who may be lame. If you can place her on a low roost at night and get her used to roosting, it would do her good to get off the floor. Here is some reading about this:
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    X2. Heavier breeds seem more prone to this too. Is the hen overweight? If so feed less and more often. A long time ago we had a hen with this problem. I used that thin rubber foam people buy in rolls to line drawers/cabinets with. Most hardware stores carry that material. I wrapped it tight around the roost and secured it with friction tape. Duct tape could work too. A low roost may be a good way to begin like Egg mentioned. Go out each night and put that bird on the roost if you have to. A big rooster that regularly chooses the same hen to mount, or too few hens per rooster can bear the brunt of breast abrasions also.

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