barred rock X blue splash orpington


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Jan 1, 2008
Normally I don't do this, but,,,,,I have one barred rock pullet and one splash/blue orpington cockeral. I was just wondering what I could expect for offspring if I crossed these two chickens. I am not sure if I will, but I think some of you would know the answer and I may do it if the offspring would be pretty. Not sure yet. Thanks.
The cockeral is a splash, just a blueish splash. The colors kinda blend in a lot. Well that sounds ok but I was hoping for blue striped pullets so I dont know. I suppose they would make pretty good layers though. Do you think?
For blue barred pullets, it would require a barred rooster over blue or splash hens.

The good thing about the mating is you'd know immediately which chicks were boys or girls at hatching- boys will have a white spot on back of head.

Have no idea on laying ability.. my guess would be "decent" at least? They'll be pretty anyhow..
I think the babies would be gorgeous. The boy babies would have blue barring on them and a white spot on their head; the girls would be solid blue. Im not sure if the yellow legs of the barred hen would be dominant over the white legs of the orps. At any rate, they would be beautiful, Im sure.
Yes i think they would be beautiful, and it would be a lot better than having to sell the orpington just because he is a boy. He is so gentle and shy too. I think they would be a good match personality wise too. And I dont really care what color legs they have.

Thanks everybody!
Well i have another question now / / What if i mated a male offspring to his sister? or would that be bad? Maybe to his mother? It would be nice to have blue striped chickens. haha
Yes you can do a sibling mating or breeding a son back to mother.. you would be able to get blue barred hens out of either mating.

Brother and sister= half of the offspring will be barred, in both sexes. As for the blue part, 25% will be splash, 50% blue and 25% black.

Out of this you will get splash barreds in both sexes(pretty much like a regular splash but probably even whiter or at least see some barring on the black flecking), blue barred boys and girls, black barred boys and girls, and solid blue boys and girls and finally, solid black boys and girls. This also means there's a lower chance of hitting on a blue barred female.

Son and mother= all of the sons will be barred, however half will be pure for barring(whiter or "stronger" barring). Half of the daughters will be barred, half will be solid colored. As for blue, half will be blue and half black. Out of this, you will get blue barreds in both sexes plus black barreds in both sexes and half of the daughters will be solid colored in either black or blue. Still a rainbow but less range.

You could even set up a pen of the son plus sister(s) and their mother..

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