Barred Rock x Dark Cornish crosses


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10 Years
Mar 22, 2009
Hi. Recently my favorite rooster, a Barred Rock, passed away, leaving me without a male of that breed and I would really like to keep his bloodlines going. So I gathered up 42 eggs over the next few days and put them in my incubator, hoping to get a replacement for him. The hens they are from are Barred Rocks, Dark Cornish and Rhode Island Reds. I'm hoping to get a purebred Barred Rock, but a crossbred would be OK too. However, I also have another rooster, a Dark Cornish. They all free range together. I think I'll be able to tell which breeds or crosses the chicks are, but Barred Rock x Dark Cornish could be from my deceased Barred Rock rooster and a Dark Cornish hen or my Dark Cornish rooster and a Barred Rock hen. Is there any possible way to tell which of those are which? I'm doubtful that there is but figured it was worth a try to ask.

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