Barred Rock X Roos


12 Years
Jan 22, 2008
Canton, GA
I have a number of Barred Rock Roos that need homes. The Father is 100% BR, Hen was a Sexlink. BR and Silkie. So they will be about 75% BR. They have been handled by children everyday and are totally sweet!

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Wow, Okie! I think you're the only person I know of trying to get a roo!
You should come visit Cyn and I, we seem to have a knack for hatching them!
Well. If only I was closer I so would come get one from you all..... I have had a lone BR hen for a year now........I have 5 babies in the looking like a roo.......who knows, I may find myself in the same position in a month or two. ! I love this breed !
OK! OKIE! This is a deal! I am traveling to Texas in June and could hook up with you if you are up to a drive south. My family lives in Dallas, Texas. But I will be in San Antonio the first week of June.
PS. Where are you located...I was born in OK City.

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