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    I know that you can sex them as babies fairly accurately, could someone post pics of the male headspot vs. a females head spot as a chick and also leg color, male vs. female.
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    The headspots, even among the same sex, will vary a little bit. Here is a cockerel, then a pullet-the pullet has a very tiny headspot, but they're not all this small. It's not just the size, but also the edges on the girls' are most defined:

    Trying to find good pics of the leg color differences, but the pic below shows the feathering differences. The sister is inside the door with her brother laying outside on the ramp-see how much his barring makes him look lighter?


    Found pic of the front of the leg of BR pullets. Cockerels may have a hint of dark, but not this much:[​IMG]
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