Barred Rooster (Del x BR) x Black Hen (Del x blue Rock) = Yellow Chick?

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    My question is can the male in my avatar be the sire of the yellow Delaware colored chick or is the sire one of these two Delaware colored males who are his half brothers?

    All possible sires and the mother are 1/2 Delaware, sired by my Delaware rooster, Isaac, out of different mothers.
    The chick looks like an average yellow Delaware chick with a single comb.
    The mother (yes, I'm 100% positive it's her because her eggs are distinctive) is Raven, my solid black Delaware x Blue Rock hen.

    Possible sire #1 is Rex, the Delaware x Barred Rock in my avatar. Rex is alpha rooster in that group, but his brothers do "hit and run" mating.
    Possible sire #2 is the Scout, Delaware x Easter Egger, with pea-single combo comb, meaning, it's not a pure pea comb, though it veers more toward that look.
    Possible sire #3 is Gabriel, Delaware x Rita (she is a red hen, BLRW x BBS Ameraucana with single comb). He looks like a Dellie with stray red feathers here and there.

    Mother, Raven:


    Possible sires:


    One reason I'm asking other than it surprised me that a barred rooster could produce a yellow chick like that is that I have an 11 day old chick out of Raven that is black with a barely discernible head spot, this one on the far right:


    Chick is not this particular one but looks exactly like it. Since it just hatched this morning, haven't gotten it out from under its broody bantam mama to photograph yet. So, can a barred rooster and a black hen produce a yellow chick, even though both parents are 1/2 Delaware?

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    Ok Cynthia, here is the best answer I can give, since all the roosters are half delaware. Delawares are barred columbian (I think) , columbians are eb/eb at the E-Locus, so the roosters are split at the E-Locus eb/?. The ? being what ever their mother was. The hen is eb/E (delaware X blue rock). So any combination can possibly give you an eb/eb (delaware looking) chick. The only thing I can tell you for sure if the chick is not barred the only possible sires are 2 and 3, because number 1 would have to be double factored for barring so all his chicks would be barred.
  3. speckledhen

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    Thank you so much, JJ! It's rare that I don't get any replies and I was wanting some input for future reference when I hatch from this bunch. I bet it's the single combed Gabriel, then, since the chick does not appear to have any semblance of a beard and has a single comb (I think, having only briefly handled it and it being so tiny, it's hard to even see). I just rehomed Gabriel yesterday and have only the Delawegger male left in there with Rex as the alpha rooster so after a couple of weeks, any chick from an egg collected would either belong to Rex or Scout.

    Honestly, I don't care to have different males in with the hens, at least that are different in their genetics like these are. I'd prefer the males were all genetically similar so I don't have to do the guessing game, or at least, that it's not really important who the dad is. If the males were both straight Delaware or straight Barred Rocks or even plain old Easter Eggers, it wouldn't drive me so nuts. I'm not used to having to figure out who the daddy is, I guess, and it bugs me, LOL.
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    its the white one closest to you in the pic.
    He has a single copy of barring so he can pass off un barred chicks, also hes, white, also hes single combed.

    the one in the avatar to the black hen would make cuckoos

    so, by process of getting rid of one, he's out for same reasons JJ mention

    now on to the white ones. Certainly one of them based on chick color alone.

    Now the reason it's the one closest to you is the comb.
    The chick is single combed. That's a recessive gene.
    the back male is a pea comb or rose comb, cant tell , but regardless both of those are dominate over a single comb, so answer is the front white rooster
  5. speckledhen

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    Thank you!! I knew I could count on you guys to help me with this one. My first gut reaction was it had to be one of the white cockerels, then I got to wondering if the parents being 1/2 Delaware could produce some sort of white throwback out of the 1/2 Delaware barred rooster, though my knowledge of barring in my BRs and what a Barred Rock rooster produces (passing barring to all his chicks) was messing that theory up. So, now I have more to add to my head encyclopedia. [​IMG]
  6. call ducks

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    Ok -

    Delaware's are Barred Colombians but based on Wheaten (eWh) not eb (and that's why they well not work for an autosexing breed).

    If I remember correctly eWh can be dominate over others. But I can almost say with 100% assurance that it's sire is not the barred cock in your avatar.
  7. speckledhen

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    I appreciate your input! That was just what I wanted to know, if Rex, my avatar, had any chance of being the sire. I didn't think he was, having bred Barred Rocks over the years, but he is the main guy and the other two were "hit and run" breeders. Guess Gabriel got in a few lucky shots. I did notice he was always trying to get at Raven, so guess he succeeded. I know genes can pop up generations down the line, as in my "Ameraucana" hen, who hatched from a lovely blue egg but is obviously holding Sumatra genes, so I wondered if there was any chance at all that Rex's 1/2 Delaware side mixed with Raven's 1/2 Delaware side could produce a Dellie colored chick. Now, I know it can't. I just rehomed Gabriel but he left his mark here, LOL.
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