Barred Seramas

Hi! I have Serama that have the barring gene.
They are wheaten based and barred.
I have some youngsters showing barring available if you could use them or eggs when the girls lay again.
I'm in Aiken, SC --- not too terribly far.
edited to add :
This is the Serama roo

The barring gene is there without going out to 'other breeds'.

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Dipsy Doodle Doo LOVE that bird!! Wanna trade some eggs?

I got one just like that as a young chick this spring from someone for the color...traded another chick for him, but not that he's grown I think he is a cross.
Im not going to breed him, I let him run in the yard with the big chickens. Too pretty to cull tho...
Those are very pretty seramas, almost looks like crele.
I think a barred Japanese would be easier too, if you could find a barred Japanese that is.
Actually, someone already is working on barred seramas. I strongly discourage crossbreeding if the color is already present in the breed. If you PM me, I can give you his contact.

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