Barred Splash? Unusual Barred Blue? Vitiligo? - Why is this Roo turning white?

May 21, 2017
Hello! I've got an interesting 11 month old Rooster that started off speckled dark gray, and has gradually gotten whiter and whiter as he's grown. He is a barnyard mix, so I know there's no SOP to compare him to, but I can't seem to find anything quite like him. I have photos of him as he's grown, with a few flock mates specifically labeled for color comparison.
I know he has at least one copy of splash and at least one copy of barring, that much is obvious. I want to know what do you think? Two copies of splash? Two copies of barring? Vitiligo? Something else? Lay down your experience and opinions, as well as examples for comparison if you have them!

How does this chick...
View attachment 2462300

...turn into this rooster???
View attachment 2462316

One day old (very distinct face speckles)
View attachment 2462298
2 weeks old (looks like a light blue but what are those face speckles about?)
View attachment 2462299 View attachment 2462300
4 weeks old (the bleaching began on his face)
View attachment 2462301 View attachment 2462302
6 weeks old (MUCH lighter now than what turned out to be a barred blue hen)
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7 weeks old (flight feathers still very blue)
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9 weeks old (hackles and saddle coming in light straw-colored, birchen?)
View attachment 2462307 View attachment 2462308 View attachment 2462309 View attachment 2462310
11 weeks old (wings mostly white now)
View attachment 2462311
12 weeks old (some tail feathers starting to bleach out or blacken, as well as hackles bleaching right behind head)
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15 weeks old (see how much blue he still has in his tail?)
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11 months old (about 80 percent white now, hackles almost white, his left side has more color but his tail is predominantly white, under his wings is very light blue, butt fluff is silvery blue, white streaks and black streaks everywhere)
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This spring, either when somebody goes broody or I get an incubator, I'll be crossing him with a couple of solid black hens to sort out his barred/blue zygosities once and for all, as well as to see what kind of egg color genes he's got. It's fun to speculate in the meantime, though. Thank you in advance! :)
He could be splash barred, or barred blue silver columbian (not perfectly patterned). Or he could be blue barred with a lot of silver leakage. Though less likely due to the possible parents, mottling and barring could also be a possibility.
I’m thinking he’s barred messy blue silver columbian, though all the above options are possibilities.

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