Barring, Blue, and Naked necks

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    Ok, I have a NN Barred Roo He has a Bowtie, so pretty certain only one copy of the NN gene. I put him in with an assortment of hens. Two frizzles, one white(maybe a white PR), one speckled black that lays green eggs, one black, and one brown hen with a blue tail. I'm trying to increase my NN population because they do so well in the heat here and have fewer feathers to pluck.

    Are barred chickens black based and do I have a chance of any blues from the blue hen?

    Because it's the roo that is barred all offspring will be barred or is it sex linked?

    Because the roo is hetero for NN and not Homo then there is only a 50% chance of NN chicks right?

    I also(prev hatch and I think different roo) have a chick that is blue and has the barring spot on the head. Does the spot on the head always indicate barring? How did I end up with a blue barred booted bantam? Or am I wrong and it's not barred?
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    yes barreds are based on black and chance of blues.

    if the bowtie is big/has lots feathers it is het. there are a lot of hom NN with bowties, the number of feathers in bowtie is much smaller, you can count 'em easily and so the front lower neck is very visible. kind of like a bowtie vs a bib.

    however barring on blues frequently are poorly defined.

    for sex linking it has to be barred hen with non-barred roo so in this case it won't be sex linked. barreds in both boys and girls.
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    It's a big bib. I had two NN hatch out last night from the first setting with a couple eggs to go. Hoping some are hens. :)

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