Basic chick care guide.


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This is step by step instructions for what to do after your babies hatch.

Make sure you have a brooder "what the chicks go in for a while before they go outside." Cardboard boxes work, rubbermaid bins or you can build a big one out of wood and screen.

Make sure you have bedding. For the first few days to a week start them on paper towels. No newspaper as the ink may be toxic and the chicks can slip causing crooked feet. after there first few days to a week you can change to pine NOT cedar shavings. cedar has oils which are toxic to the chickens resperatory system. Dont be nervous if they eat the pinne shavings. They will mistake it as feed for a little while but will know where the feed is. If you plan to use straw there are a few things you need to know. Straw when damp can attract bugs. Plus it dont smell so good when damp
. also I have heard that hay or straw can hide mites. Pine smells good and it absorbes better IMO

Heat source: I personally use a 100 watt black light bulb. sinc e the brooder is in my room I cant sleep with a bright light shining for 4 weeks. Also it helps prevent picking other chicks feet. Others have used 100 watt standard lights and a few have suggested the yellow light bulbs for picnic areas. Any of those is fins as long as the floor level is 95.5F. After there first week in there you have to drop it 5F so that means the second week should be 90F. Make sure the brooder is big enough for a cool side and a warm side where the heating lamp goes.

water: Fresh water goes on the cool side. Make sure its always filled. I have heard to use vinegar water to help there immune system. Make sure there are marbles in the deeper waterers as they can drown.

food: you may use medicated or non-medicated grower for the first 20 weeks of there life. They also have organic grower availible. After that you can switch to layer. I personally use purina start & grow because you can use it till they lay then swtich to layer.

Once you have all the supplies and there food set up. You may add your fluffy butts. You dont need to dip there beak in the water. They will find it and drink.
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You are very welcome. I also did this all by hand. I did not copy it from a site.I used my own personal experience plus the advice of fellow members. If the mods like to. they may add there experience as well as what would also work. If ayone has more suggestions and/or tips I will add it to the care guide.
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