Bath or shower? You tell me.

Bath or Shower

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How bout them DAWGS!
10 Years
May 4, 2009
Buchanan, Georgia
I happen to be a shower man myself, but this evening I took a bath as hot as I could stand. I feel yesterday in the rain and now I feel like I have been beat with a sock with a bar of soap in it, but I digress. So I got to thinking, do most folks prefer a bath or a shower? Pros and cons ect. I take a shower because its quicker and I want to get in and out.
I do both - a shower if I just need to be clean and I'm in a hurry.

My preference is a bath because I like to spend a really long time in nice hot, hot water. I like to bring a candle, a cup of tea and a book.

True story...

I was in the bath and I could hear my son's side of a telephone conversation and it went something like this:

Son: I don't know if I can come over

Son: My mum is the only one home and she's in the bath

Son: I can't, she hates being bugged when she's in the bath

Son: I'll ask her when she gets out

Son: I don't know, but probably a long time

Son: no, you don't understand....she can spend HOURS in the bath

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