Bath time is so funny.

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    Sep 19, 2011
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    Living in South West Washington we get a lot of rain and living on a hill even the covered run still gets wet ground. My girls took to dust bathing in there nest box. So I bought the a rubber maid container for a dust bath. I put some dirt in it and brought the dirt inside for a while until it dried out some then added some DE to it. I put it out in the run and not one of my 5 girls would touch it. It took them 2 weeks before they would go in it. Well that was today. There were 2 in there for about 10 minutes then one got out and a different one got in. But there is one that is just a bath hog she stays in there and the others keep alternating taking a bath with her. She did come out after about 45 minutes when I went out to check on her. Then when I went back in the house she went back in the bath. [​IMG]
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    Chickens.... Gotta love them! [​IMG]

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