Bath time... it seems to correspond with dish washing time.

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    Silly birds.
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    How adorable! I have a male Cockatiel that is the same way...when ever he hears the sink filling up for dish washing, there he is, peering into the rinsing sink looking in wanting a bath. LOL He won't take a bath in any bowl or puddle of water. I have to turn the water down to a trickle and sprinkle it over him until he is done. He runs around the inside of the sink, dipping down, lifting his wings for me to bath him! Like I am his servant!! LOL They are sweeties, aren't they?

    Cute bird you have there!
  3. silkiechicken

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    OH Gosh yes! The world must stop for bath time. She'll start doing the whole dipping lifting thing on the edge of the sink and expects me to drizzle only warm water on her. Too hot or cold and she just screams! She will "bathe" in a dish, but her efforts are so pathetic it's pointless. She'll stand there dip her face and chest.... stare... and walk out with wet feet. Once I was busy and did not blow dry her... she went on a bath strike and did not bathe for at least three months vs nearly weekly!
  4. How adorable!!! She's a cutie! [​IMG]

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    [​IMG] She got good and wet, didn't she? I spray my birds with a spray bottle. You should hear the shrieking when they see me coming with it.

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