bathing chicken??? UPDATE!!


12 Years
Jan 10, 2008
Guilford County, NC
Well , I tackled the baths of the two stray chickens. It did not start off well. I was bitten as soon as I touched one of them! But, it was all downhill from there. To my surprise, once I started bathing them, they actually calmed down. I did it in my bathtub. They allowed me to soap them up and rinse them off. I then wrapped them in a towel. I put one in a cage in front of the heating vent, and one in my lap. I used the blow dryer on the one in my lap then swapped places. They actually were falling asleep in my lap! No more biting, just calm (or stunned!) chickens! Once done, I put them in a cage with food and water, and they just ate away like nothing ever happened to them. They even acted calmly when i approached the cage. (they have been panicking anytime anyone went near them!) They look (and smell) sooooo much better. Thanks to everyone for the advice!!!

Edit to add: this was a great opportunity to check them out really well. Thankfull no creepy crawlies noted!!
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