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6 Years
Dec 28, 2013
We've been incubating the chicks in our unfinished bathroom because there is no foot traffic and it locks the nosy cats out. I've decided to put the chicks in unconnected the bathtub with proper bedding, heat, ect (of course). I thought it was a pretty cool idea, the chicks are due any day now and we've just fit a screen for the top (the heat lamp has to go lower too)

We brooded ours in the garden tub in the master bath -- our tub is actually fully hooked up, but is unused (the last time a human bathed in it I couldn't tell you - but I do bathe the dogs in it a few times a year, lol). It worked out really well for us.
I do this too until they are feathered and then they get kicked out to the grow out pen outside. It gets so humid in the spare bathroom and well...then it gets stinky LOL!
glad to here im not the first one! I hope it works out, veryyyy excited

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