Battery Hens


12 Years
Nov 21, 2007
I might be interested in a few battery hens. Does anyone know of like a website or whatever that you can save some from?
That was so incredibly depressing. I attempted to rescue a chicken from the side of the road about a week ago. She had fallen off a chicken truck and was huddled against the curb shaking and trying to keep her head covered while cars drove by her. Unfortunately, she died a couple of hours after I got her home.....while trying to convince a vet to at least look at her. Good luck. I wish they could all be rescued.
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luvmy ~ although it's sad, take comfort in the fact that you probably gave her the most loving few final hours of her life.

I've looked in to doing this before, but have been unable as yet to find a source. The ones here sell them directly to Cambell's for soup.
Thanks, Asher. She died with me talking quietly to her and stroking her feathers and seemed to know I wanted to help her. I do think I will make it my new mission to rescue a few though. Perhaps ease my guilt over not being able to save her.
Oh, bless you....I wish more people in this world cared. As was said previously, her last visions of this world were not ugly---thanks to you.

Those that think that poultry are stupid, have no feelings, etc...have never spent any time "bonding" with them.

I know, like I know, like I know, that my girls care for me. In their own way. They fly up on to my shoulder, into my arms, and look directly into my eyes and hold my gaze when I speak.

Many of them choose to roost on my legs, shoulders, and anything else they are allowed to and will fall asleep on me. They are a month old, and perhaps this will change, but I know that our bond won't.

I feel you eased this little girl gently to the rainbow bridge, and there is a special spot in heaven for people such as you.

Thank you for doing what many will not,

Michele in MN
Thank you appleton. I always try to convince myself that anyone else would have helped her too, but I know an awful lot of cars had already drove by her.

I managed to find my battery hens, and I will be getting them sometime around the first of June. The wait is killing me. I want so bad to get them out in the sunshine and let them live. Anyone else interested in getting some, here is how I am getting mine. I talked to a man with egg houses. He, too, sends them off for slaughter when he changes them over. However, he said that the "catchers" always miss a bunch. He said he tries to give as many away as possible before he "disposes" of them, and that I can have as many as I want. So, if you are interested in finding some in your area, I would just talk to someone with egg houses and see if they are willing to do the same. I know these ladies are going to make wonderful additions to our flock and our family. I am already getting their quaratine coop ready and figuring out how to distinguish between so many identical white hens so they can all have pretty names.

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