Battery Powered Interior Coop Lighting for Winter?


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Sep 1, 2019
I would like to add some interior, nighttime lighting to my coop for the winter months to help with egg production. My coop is not wired for electricity, and the thought of running an extension cord out seems like a fire hazard to me. I’d like to figure out an appropriate battery-powered interior lighting solution for my coop, and I’m wondering whether any of you have any recommendations - specific products would be good. I already have battery powered motion sensing lights mounted on the exterior of my coop, and they work great. It seems like there could be a similar product for the interior but without such a powerful beam of light. Any thoughts?


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Nov 12, 2017
Northwest New Jersey
There are lots of lantern types with adjustable dimmer switches. I'd search google. I have a few different types I keep for loss of power. One type doesn't have the dimmer so keep that in mind. There are closet types that you can attach to the wall but usually done have dimmers.
Home depot has this one with dimmer.

Home depot has a lot of the closet types.


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Apr 13, 2016
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You have to keep in mind that you can't use just any light either, and have it be effective. It has to be bright enough in the coop that you could read a newspaper easily, from where the chickens hang out. I use a 60w LED bulb in my small coop, and a flood light in the barn.


Oct 18, 2019
Portland, Oregon
I ended up using full spectrum LED Grow lights:

They have a timer and will turn themselves on and off. The hard part is the battery. Since the lights I got have USB plugs I got some larger cellphone power banks and switch them out as needed (every other day). I was toying with the idea of a large battery generator but $300 seems a bit much for lighting chickens. I have since managed to cut out a bunch of windows in my coop and I'm a lot less concerned about lighting.

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