Battery/Solar Lights for Winter Nightlight in Coop

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  1. I have portable chicken pens with an old calf hutches for shelter. During winter, I place them in a convenient location and stop moving them, and they work well. But I'd like to start lighting the pen with the laying hens at night in order to keep them laying through the winter.

    Does anyone have experience with using a battery or solar powered light for this? What kind do you use?

    I have used the solar powered lights they sell, you stick them into the ground, I tied them to the chain-link gate of the pen, just to have illumination for doing chores in the evening. Not sure if it's bright enough to help with egg production.

    I also have a battery powered lantern (the "old Brooklyn lantern") which is quite bright. Not sure how long it will last.

    When I kept the flock in a barn, I had a light on all night for them, it didn't seem to do any harm as far as keeping them awake and it kept them laying longer.
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    I've read all kinds of opinions on whether to light or not light during winter.. I'm thinking I might use some battery operated timer lights that are on a string and set them for like 6am , so they can atleast end up with 10 hours of light.. I don't think I'll do them at nite.

    If your looking for timer battery operated, I get all mine from they aren't to expensive, basically xmas lights..

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