Battling Broodies


10 Years
Jan 5, 2011
Vancouver BC
I have only 3 chickens right now. One kept going broody and I happened to be at a farm so I picked up some (hopefully) fertilised eggs and put them under her. Remembered to mark them after she laid one, so there's one I think might explode (good times) let's hope not.

The chickens prefer to sleep outside so I thought that I'd just shut the coop door a day before they're due to give her a safe place for the chicks to hatch (if they do.)

Problem is another hen just went broody, about four or five days ago. They are now BOTH trying to sit on the same clutch in a tiny nesting box.

1) should I split up the clutch and hope one goes to sit on the other eggs even though they have ALWAYS used the same nesting box and never the other ones (I gave them three, they are goofy).

2) should I take the later broody hen out, lock the coop door and just make her miserable?

3) my poor lonely third is very sad her friends aren't playing. Not a question but it's hilarious how peeved she is by all this.

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