Baytril for chickens/turkeys - what do u think of this??

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    I was looking for a good source for Baytril since it seems that so many members recommend this when your chicken/turkey gets sick - I ran upon this on one of the websites:
    Baytril is not licensed for use in hens producing eggs for human consumption. You can only buy Baytril on prescription from your veterinary surgeon who may decide in the absence of any other licensed products to prescribe it. If this is the case, you will need to follow their advice for egg withdrawal periods. Be warned, some vets are now advising that you should never eat the eggs from hens treated with Baytril.

    Any opinions, ideas???? Now I'm not sure what to use.
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    I always keep a bunch of it on hand for all of my poultry, dog and cats. It's hard to find without a prescription, but it can be found if you look in the right places. There is some good info about it here:

    I believe that metronidazole was banned for use in food animals for similar reasons. Something about pig farmers abusing it.

    If you need help finding Baytril, contact me privately and I'll give you the info.

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