Baytril given to chicken 9 months ago-safe to eat eggs?


11 Years
Jul 21, 2009
Hello! My 4 yr old ri red had issues with egg peri. We were very close to losing her so i brought her to the vet. $170.00 later she perscribed baytril and told me that we can never eat her eggs again if she should ever lay eggs. She has been perfectly healthy ever since. Since last june if she laid any eggs, they were without shells and just basically a messy yolk and white. For the last 4 mos. she hasn't laid anything...until today. Today she laid a perfect egg-shell and all. Do i have to identify her eggs and toss them for now on? Or are they safe to eat? Not sure how long this stuff stays in their system??? Not sure what to do....
I just found out today , the FDA withdrew approval of Baytril for use in water to treat flocks of poultry, as this practice was noted to promote the evolution of fluoroquinolone-resistant strains of the bacterium Campylobacter, a human pathogen.

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