BB & BB...Maaaaa, he has your laptop!!!!

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    Nov 14, 2010

    So we'll start off with a bang. Last week Monday I opened the coop for the banty bunch and went about the usual morning chores. at about 9:30am I quickly popped out to the store. I left my 10 month old baby and the nanny at home.

    I returned home at about 10:30am, and when I drove in the gate, bad boy and the banty bunch were no-where to be seen. usually they come running to see what I bought. I started carrying the groceries into the house and then I heard Madiba crowing really far away. I asked the nanny where he and the girls were and she said she didn't know. I assumed they were round the back of the house, so I went about what I was doing. I usually have my coffee out front by my chooks, so I went and sat down. STILL, Madiba and the girls were no-where to be seen, but the inscesent crowing continued.

    So I went inside to do some work on my laptop and it was missing...

    This IS South Africa, and when your laptop aint where you left it, you call the cops and get the hell out of there! So I grabbed the baby and the nanny, called the cops and waited on the pavement. The security company arrived and inspected the property. The window at the back of the house had been opened and the burglar bars were bent open. I immediately went to look for my chooks, and there they were...

    Madiba was standing by the window where they broke in, crowing like there's no tomorrow and my hens were all hiding under a nearby bush! Madiba obviously stumbles upon the buglar and showed him who is boss. the buglar dropped and left his hat, so you KNOW Madiba attacked him! I was so proud of my Chooks!

    Obviously the burglar was just leaving the property as I came in, and that is why Madiba was crowing. After I came around the corner and commended him for his bravery, the hens all popped out the bush and it was 'business as usual'.

    I can only imagine what the burglars must have thought. Madiba doesn't really have much tact as far as attacking is concerned. He draws blood EVERY time. my feet are full of scars!

    All our locks have been changed and the window needed fixing and Madiba has, true to form, attacked every handyman that has entered (and left) my property this past week.


    stay tuned for our next episode....

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  2. gryeyes

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    Oh, I so loved your story! Sorry to hear you suffered a burglary, but the tale is told very well. Love your roo!
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    Feb 1, 2010
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    Wow! scary yet awesome at the same time! Good chicken! Who would have thought?

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