BCM - at what age will the roosters develop their copper?


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Sep 23, 2019
Big Island, Hawaii
I have a BCM cockerel who is 15 weeks old and still appears solid black. The pullets from the same breeder have copper feathering around their necks. I don't know if he is a BCM showing very little copper, or if it is too early for him to get his adult plumage in. Otherwise he thinks he is very mature - he's been crowing since 9 weeks and is breeding the mature hens for two weeks already!
BCM cockerel 14 weeks.jpg
Hi there, welcome to BYC! :frow

I bred FBCM for a few years... the copper starts coming in around 4 weeks old and very good by 8 weeks.

Your boy is not sporting any copper that I can see. And it will not likely change.. in fact, even his saddles aren't copper. If the breeder has other birds... maybe there was an accidental crossing. Or he is just a black Marans?? :pop
They have BLCM, splash, and BCM, none of which I think produce black Marans. (?) I will check with them. Regardless, he is welcome here, I'm just starting to sort out among all the cockerels who has a future with the girls.

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