BCM / Birchen Cross Rooster - Portland Oregon (OR)

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    Jul 1, 2015
    I have a really friendly Black Copper Marans / Birchen Marans Cross Rooster. I'd keep him, but can't have him in Portland city limits. Local pick up only, but I'm happy to meet you. He's very sweet and has been handled since he hatched. He's almost 6 weeks old - hatch date was 04/23/16.

    He's from local stock of a breeder here in Portland. She has a small family farm specializing in rare and heritage poultry for both exhibition and the backyard farmer! She never uses hatchery stock, but instead acquires stock from the best breeders around the country. Her birds are always spectacular.

    Note - please only respond if you plan on letting him live... I'd really like to know he's not going to end up being a broiler for someone.
    Thanks! Kerry

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