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May 30, 2013
Does anyone know if a Black Copper Maran roster can produce offspring that lays dark eggs?

I received a barn yard mix. A rooster was a BCM so the off spring will be a cross breed.

I have 13 week olds that are showing signs of being a BCM mix.
Just curious. Can't wait for eggs. (Hopefully I have pullets... the one on the right…roo?)
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Egg shell color genetics are pretty complicated. There are a whole lot of different genes that can affect the final color. The pullet gets these genes from both mother and father. Actual egg shell color will depend on which genes get contributed by each parent and how they interact.

Do you know what color of egg that rooster was hatched from? What color was the egg that the pullet hatched from? That can give you some clues of what to expect, but even then the pullet can surprise you and lay even darker or lighter eggs.

I have a mix of green and brown layers. It’s always interesting to see what shades and colors the pullets lay. I have one right now that should be a medium green, but is real close to blue. The father hatched from a medium dark egg. They can surprise you.

Good luck! Hope you get what you want. Marans are known for laying darker eggs so you have a real chance at getting a darker egg.

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