Be Aware of Sunny Side Up Ranch in Norco, CA Selling Deadly Sick Chickens

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    I am new to this site and was not able to find a place to post breeder review, so I am posting this thread in forum.

    I urge everyone who is thinking to buy or already bought chickens from Sunny Side Up Ranch in Norco CA to read their yelp reviews at This ranch is infected by multiple contagious diseases including Merek's and Respiratory Disease, but the owner Janel denies everything. If you get chickens from her, they will become sick or die or be carriers for life.

    Unfortunately, many buyers who had similar experience with this ranch chose to keep silence. If you do not want to have the same heartbreaking experience as I did, please do not buy chickens from Janel of Sunny Side Up Ranch.

    I will be happy to provide any proof to stand behind my above statement. If your chickens bought from Janel died shortly after, please share your experience here so more chicken lovers can avoid going through this type of tragedy. God bless you.

    I want to thank this site and numerous posters who shared valuable information here. I was able to cure the respiratory disease of my black cooper maran (from Janel's ranch) using Tylan 50 after the antibiotics I bought from my vet failed. I also learnt from this site my lavendar Americauna probably got incurable Merek's disease, so I stopped his treatments by a vet who thought he was having some kidney infection after I've spent hundreds of dollars on office visits and medications just to make him suffer more. I also learnt from this site to perform necropsy on my lavendar Americauna which is the only method to confirm Merek's disease.

    I had a very rough start three months ago when I was raising 2 chickens (both bought from Janel) for the first time of my life, and my favorite one till this day passed away tragically, but learning to love chickens and watching them getting more and more closer to you are beautiful. Now I have 13 adult chickens that are happily free range and have their custom-made mansion coop; they get different treats at least 5 times per day (I work from home, that's why). The feeling of my carrier chickens may have an outbreak any time is very frightening, but I must be strong for my chickens and look at the brighter side as I always do. It's an adventure and I'm very well prepared now than I was three months ago.

    I wish every chicken lover here raise happy and healthy chickens forever.
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    :hitSo Sorry!:hugs:hit
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    Sounds like a horrible, horrible experience. Someone needs to stop this person from selling diseased chickens, among other things. I clicked the link and strongly suspect some of the glowing reviews were planted by the owner herself. The negative reviews speak for themselves.
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    thank you for your post. i almost took a few chicks home from here, then read the yelp. it breaks my heart. you saved fluffy and cutie's lives. thanks again.
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    Make sure you do a Google review as well. Most people will do a Google search for a thing, and you don't want hers to be the first to come up!
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