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  1. Keep 10 chickens. Coop (3.00sqft) Run (7.20sqft) each

  2. Keep 9 chickens. Coop (3.33sqft) Run (8.00sqft) each

  3. Keep 8 chickens. Coop (3.75sqft) Run (9.00sqft) each

  4. Keep 7 chickens. Coop (4.20sqft) Run (10.28sqft) each

  5. Keep 6 chickens. Coop (5.00sqft) Run (14.20sqft) each

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  1. Living_Legend

    Living_Legend Songster

    Jan 3, 2018
    Freeland, MD
    My Coop
    Be honest, what would YOU PERSONALLY do with 10 Chickens? a 6x5 coop (not counting nesting boxes) and a 6x12 run?

    I ordered 9 chicks, My guess is that they will send me 1 extra one. If all 10 survive what would you do in this situation? Keep all 10, give a few away, what? I will also be allowing them to controlled free range 4 days a week in a 36ftx16ft area while I am around. I work from home two days a week plus the weekend.

    I know the what the chicken math says but what would you actually do?
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  2. Chickassan

    Chickassan Wattle Fondler

    Keep them, not trying to jinx you but doom happens and it happens alot so extras are handy.;)
  3. enoryz

    enoryz Songster

    Apr 6, 2017
    Larose, Louisiana
    Looks like plenty room to me.
  4. BantyChooks

    BantyChooks Pullarius

    Aug 1, 2015
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    I'd keep 6--7. You are in a warm climate, though, so keeping more might work. The standard 4/10 advice 'works' but they are so much happier and healthier when allowed to move... I have firsthand experience with that. Letting them have that larger run for a few days a week will help.
  5. X_and_Z

    X_and_Z Chirping

    Feb 16, 2018
    SF Bay Area
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    I would keep 6-7 (or fewer), they will be happier and you will have an easier time managing food/water/cleaning.

    Additionally if egg production is important to you you will be adding new chicks within a year or two - egg production through the winter requires new chicks every year and total egg production drops drastically after the first 1-2 years so just keeping up non-winter production rates requires regular additions every few years.
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  6. Alaskan

    Alaskan The Frosted Flake

    I hate bad behaviors so greatly prefer large areas. I try to aim for 8 square feet or more per chicken of covered space in the winter. ... 4 to 5 square feet per chicken in the summer. (mine get the greenhouse in the winter added on to their area).

    For summer chicken tractors that are moved about on grass... I DO pack them in way tighter.
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  7. Jetblack2004

    Jetblack2004 Free Ranging

    Feb 22, 2016
    South East England
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    I think you could comfortably keep 6 - 7 in there. Keep in mind that the more you keep, the messier it'll get ;)
  8. AmazingRachel

    AmazingRachel Songster

    Mar 10, 2017
    Westchester, NY
    Also depends on the breeds of chickens.
    Leghorns and skinny like chickens are ~3 sqft in coop and 7-8ish sqft in run.
    Medium-Large (RIR, BR, etc) are ~4 sqft in coop and 10ish sqft. in run.
    XL (Brahmas) I would side with ~5 sqft in coop of 12ish sqft. in run.

    Also depends on how often you will let them free range.

    If it helps, I have similar housing with a 6x4 coop and a 12x6 run and I have 5 right now (2 Leghorn types and 3 medium-large types). I can easily see me being able to keep 8 not beyond that I doubt.
    If you want more chickens and eggs but don't have much space, go with bantams. They only require 2 sqft. in the coop and 5 sqft. in run. That's if you don't mid the size of the eggs lol.
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  9. Living_Legend

    Living_Legend Songster

    Jan 3, 2018
    Freeland, MD
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    Its funny. 50% of vote so far is keep them all and 50% keep as few as possible. Shows people are one side or the other :)

    I wanted at least 3 breads and the min order per bread was 3 so thats how i came up with ordering 9... then i read they usually send a extra

    I basically will raise all till 4 months and if they all are alive and healty i can make the desicion then....

    My brother in law has 6 3 year old hens in a coop/run half this size.... not that that is ok but it puts thoughts in my head.....

    If all 10 make it that far i feel like it would be eaiser for me to give away a few then say only 8 made it that far then i would not just want to give away 1 bird or something like that.

    time will tell.

    Thanks for all the input.
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  10. Living_Legend

    Living_Legend Songster

    Jan 3, 2018
    Freeland, MD
    My Coop
    free range 4 days a week
    3 buckeye, 3 dominique, 3 black laced golden wyandotte
    website says all those hens get to about 6-6.5 lbs

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