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    OK this is the first time since this action thing I have tried to post a sell so if I mess up I apolagize in advance.
    Posting this for our friends since they don't have a computer.
    There Bealge/Labradore mix had 9 puppies Sunday night. This was an unplanned litter. They have four teenage boys in a hundred sports lol and time got away they didn't realize until she was in heat that she was that old. They tried to keep her in and had planned to spay her as soon as she was out of heat (vet recommended waiting?) She must of slipped out on one of the kids and they didn't realize it right away. They didn't even realize she was pregnant till about 4 weeks ago when she started to show.
    Last sunday night she had 9 puppies on the couch in there basement! She had 5 boys and 4 girls and all look fat and healthy. The two possible daddy dogs are a black lab or a boxer or boxer mix, from the color of the pups I am guessing the boxer mix. The puppies are really cute. The mama dog is about 16 inches tall and has a good nose on her.
    They are asking $20 per puppy simply to cover the cost of feeding them from 5-8 weeks and worming them. We could possible give them there puppy shots for an additional $5. They will be ready on December 7th. NO shipping lots of pictures I am just not sure if you add them the same way or not. will try.
    the girl puppies
    The boy pups

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    Sure wish you were closer!

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    Aren't they adorable!! [​IMG] Unfortunately you are too far for me, and we just had a dog deliver 5 pups a few days ago [​IMG] Good luck, I hope you find homes for them! A lot of vets will recommend waiting until after the dog is out of heat to spay, I guess it's riskier to do it when they are in.

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