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    Oct 18, 2015
    My Wyandotte Hen, Zola, got out of the yard and separated from the others and ended up at the neighbors who kept her for the day so she wouldn't get hit by a car. When I got her back I noticed the next day that her top beak was broken off, not too severe, she could still eat and drink. That was about 3 months ago. She is approximately 6-7 months old now. The other 4 hens are all laying(and have been for almost 2 months), she is not. She is the same size as they are but I have noticed a few things: she is at the low end of the pecking order, her top beak is almost grown over the bottom one now, her comb is underdeveloped compared to the other 4 and just yesterday it appears that the little flap over her nostril is deformed or somewhat missing, which i think happened when her beak was broken and I didn't notice it. Her beak is not shiny like the others and has some small amount of black stuff at the base. She has a few black dots on her comb, but they haven't increased in number or size.
    1-what can i do to help her beak health? should I clean it with something?
    2-should i be worried about her nostril flap? you can hear the air going in and out and it crackles a little, but there is no congestion.
    3-why isn't she as developed as the others and why isn't she laying yet?
    4-should I worry about the black spots?.
    Thanks for the responses
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    The black marks could be peck marks from the other chickens, but fowl pox scabs sometimes can be mistaken for peck marks. Pictures may help. Since she has the beak injury, she may need to have her beak filed or re-shaped to help her be able to eat and groom herself normally. Vitamins with minerals may also help her keep her beak in better condition. Here are some links to read that will hopefully help:


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