Apr 9, 2018
Jacksonville, Florida
Beakers is doing great!!! No more hand feeding!!! Beakers is eating on her own!!!


Don’t mind the hair doo, just finished eating!!! Look how big she/he has gotten!!! I think my little Princess may be a Prince!! What do you think?
Willow, Beakers best friend, crowed last week!!!
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Congratulations! Is there a thread about Beakers somewhere?
I read this forum daily, but I'm all over the place, and am unfamiliar with her (or his) story.
I copied this from the post in pics and stories...I couldn’t figure out how to do it any other brain went on vacation :gig
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I went to the feed store to get feed and a (1) white crest blue polish, while looking in the tote for the perfect one, I saw this little one trying her best to eat with a cross beak. I notified the employees about her and was informed that they would get to her later if they had the time :eek: WHAT? Are you f.....g kidding? If you have the time!! I, not so politely, asked them if they planned on letting her sit in there and starve. Their answer? “Not on purpose”. REALLY? REALLY? Are you kidding me? They told me that if I wanted to try to take care of her I could have her!!:yesss: Guess who came home with me!! :celebrate(Along with another blue polish, a red frizzle Cochin, and a blue silkie, which they swore was a Polish), :barnie She was a day old when I brought her home, a week ago. After having her home for about an hour, I noticed that she only had one eye. Born without it, no eye socket. That made her that much more precious. She eats about every 2 hours or when she lets me know she’s hungry, (definitely nothing wrong with her voice)!!! She knows that the silver thing, (spoon), gives her food and the blue thing, (eye dropper), gives her water. She weighed 1.2 oz when I brought her home, today she is 6 days old and weighs 1.45 oz. Here is my precious BEAKERS:

Having a cross beak and one eye sure isn’t slowing this baby down, she is a normal baby chick in every other way. You can’t help but to fall in love!!!!:love
I just wanted to share my precious baby!!

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