Beanie the babysitter

Oncoming Storm

Jun 3, 2019
Beanie is my two year old silkie mix rooster. He’s smaller than most with a gentle disposition. He’s not very aggressive. He’s only fought with his son who fights everyone (don’t worry he’s been isolated). Beanie’s wanted nothing more than to be included. I watched him perform the cliche slowly scoot closer to the girl awkwardly while on the roost. He’s always been gentle with the hens and despite having the largest spurs of the group (because he’s the oldest boy I have) he’s the sweetest. He’s recently been in recovery due to a head injury given by his son before he was isolated. Since this I’ve been wary since a cooped up rooster can sometimes turn feisty. Yet he just walks around. He’s no longer the dominant rooster which he’s fine with. His favorite thing to do is to walk around watching over the hens and their chicks. He’ll just scratch through the grass and twigs while carefully watching over them. He doesn’t care whose they are. He just likes to be around them. He’s even watched over our newest hatchlings since mom has left them to their own devices at less than a month old. He’s never been aggressive towards them. He just watches them from a respectable distance as they run around. The entire flock seems to enjoy them. I don’t know...I think all of them have baby fever right now. Maybe that’s why everyone’s going broody.

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