Bear at our coop ?


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Oct 22, 2010
Northern VT
I think that we had a bear get 4 of our 7 chickens . The SOB got the 3 that were laying and one other . I heard the coyotes the night before just before coming in from hunting .See picture of my wifes post earlier today on same predators and pess at 7:55 am .
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Cant think of anything but a bear . Looks like bear claw in one picture but just looks more like a scratch rather than a dig .Still think its a bear . Its built tight . Certaily not bear proof . Never figured for that . Any body hear of red lights ? The windows in the back are at 5' above the ground . Again looking like a bear . No bodies found so I'm thinking that a bear eat the whole thing. Just some feathers and some I am pretty sure that I found some bear scat. Looked like the string beans that just havent been tilled under ( bow seaon ) yet looked matted down by a larger animal but no good prints . Lots of rain yesterday . Not sure if we should eat the last 3 and stqart over in the spring or see if we can get 4-6 more . REally not sure if to rescreen and add a bit more and hope that it was a one time pass by . I'm out in the woods quite a bit and not many bear around although they are arond and have seen in the yard . I have read that it could be a random pass by but the gun is loaded and next to the door should our friend wants to take a trip to heaven .


9 Years
May 2, 2010

I saw the pics in the other post, and I would say, YES, BEAR! He will be back for more, you can count on it. Putting back the screening will keep the chickens in, but won't stop the bear. I'd say your best bet is to string some electric fencing around the entire coop, and make sure it's well grounded! Good luck, and keep the rifle handy for sure!

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