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    We had a bear break into our coop last night. One of my Buff Orpington hens was nesting on the end that the bear broke open. He apparently grabbed a mouthful of feathers and tried to pull the hen out. We heard the commotion and chased the bear away before he could do any more damage. Upon examining the hen, we could see that a flap of skin about an inch square and been torn off the back. No blood, but the muscle is showing under the flap of skin. I have some baytril on hand for my peacocks, and was wondering if that would be a good antibiotic to give to this chicken. I have both 10% liquid and 10% injectable. The instructions on the liquid give dosage for adding to drinking water so I went ahead and did that, but she's not coming down to drink anything. I would like to dose her orally or give her an injection, but I don't know the correct dosage or the number of days I should treat her. Does anyone have any advice?
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    Chickens heal really quickly. I have had chickens with injuries similiar to, but much larger than you've described (inflicted by dogs). I use triple antibiotic ointment, and Neosporin spray WITHOUT pain relief (you shouldn't put a -caine medicine on a chicken). I ususally keep the chicken isolated for a couple of days, treating the wound daily. I have never given antibiotic orally or IM for this type of injury -- only topically.

    Then, I re-introduce the chicken to the flock. Of the three or four I've treated, all have survived with no complications.

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