Bearded Belgium D'Uccles


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Jun 11, 2017
North Dakota
Just wondering how high these little stinkers can fly? My fence is 6ft, its set up to be able to be covered but just hasnt been done yet. Ive raised bantam cochin in the past and they never flew out, but mt BB Old English were always escaping and free range during the day and came back in at night.

Also, I am getting standard Brahma along with the D'Uccle. If raised together from chicks will these types generally exist well? From my understanding both breeds are calm and friendly.

Used to have my bantam cochin, BBOE, and generic big white broilers all together without a problem.


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6 Years
Jun 15, 2016
State of Jefferson
I just sold my little flock of d'Uccles. My thinking is that they will need a covered pen for more than just their flying prowess (which is quite good). They are also, sadly, "hawk bait" and will need protection. The brahmas are going to be huge in comparison, which, as chicks might be a bit of an issue, depending upon your brooder set up. But, I had Legbars and 55 Flowery Hens with mine and they all grew out together without any big issues. The d'Uccles were darling and friendly and we loved them, they just didn't fit in with our largely free range flock.

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