Bearded Blue Silkie Cockerel #1 approx. 6months old

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    Feb 2, 2010
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    This auction is for a bearded blue silkie cockerel from Hattrick Silkies. I am lucky enough to be only 2 hours from Nikki and when she posted these were available, I could not resist.
    He is a beautiful silkie and will probably be gorgeous when he fills out.
    Great foot feathering, beautiful turquoise ears, fluffy cushion and a real classy guy.
    I handle him daily and he is very gentle. He still peeps like a baby but he does crow.

    Cockerel #1

    Birds will ship out on Tuesday. Auctions can be combined for up to 2 birds. $10 for the box and actual shipping costs to you.
    I'll refund the difference to your paypal account.

    Please PM or email me with any questions or concerns.





    edited to post a pic of his feet which is very hard to do by myself. His feet are great and I'll have to get someone to help hold him and take a better picture.

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    Jan 18, 2011
    Nice looking boy !! [​IMG]

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