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10 Years
Aug 2, 2009
Ocala Fl
does any one have some? I'm looking for a Male to breed with mY female Daisy
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Who's bloodlines do you have? I had a gorgeous boy that just recently passed away in my parent's care.
Out of the last litter from Crisch. I wish I had been more settled when I got him, he deserved all my love and attention instead of moving around and back and forth!

I'm sure your breeder will be able to help you identify a good match for your girl based on pedigree, strengths, and weaknesses. Did she pass her health clearances well?
It was a rescue, I got her from a farm here in Fl, they had her and could not keep her and they did not tell me anything about her, only that it was a bearded collie, she is 6 years old
Do you have a picture of her? I love to see furry faces!

Generally, it is not considered ethical or acceptable to breed a rescue dog with no known background. I would say that goes double for a 6 year old female. There's too many unknown risk factors, especially with a girl that is not exactly a spring chicken. What if she had difficulties in past pregnancies, or has never had a litter before? 6 is a little old for a first litter. What if she comes from lines with bad hips or eyes or heart problems or .... who knows what? You could accidentally double up on these risk factors be choosing the wrong mate and end up with a whole litter of sick puppies on your hands!

Did she come with her name, or did you name her? It seems like the breeders I used to work with had a litter about six years ago with a pup named Daisy. Maybe they could give you some background on her, if it's the same dog.
it came with the name and I had her since she was , as I was told 10 months old.
I'll go find a pic of her

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