Bearded d'Anvers Im assuming are the ones AKA Belgium Quail Chickens.

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    Im aware that Bearded d'Anvers are said to not be good egg layers but I stil have a few questions on this breed. There dont seem to be much info out there on them.

    -About what age do they start laying eggs?

    -About what color and size is there eggs?

    -About how many eggs do they lay a week on the average?

    -Since I dont have a Bearded d'Anvers rooster I wonder if my 7 month old Bearded d'Anvers hens small size wlil prevent her from having any fertilized eggs?

    -Im assuming this northern winter is hard on Bearded d'Anvers?

    I saw my small ameraucana rooster trying to mate her but Im not sure how effective his efforts were. It kind of looked like he was smashing her instead of mating her.

    We brought her inside because the night time temps are in the single digets.

    I just have 1 Bearded d'Anvers and she lives out in the coop (except for during this fridgid cold weather) with my other chickens and free ranges with them although she tends to stay inside the coop or pen most of the time. 2 of the hens have befriended her and she cuddles up to them for warmth.


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    I'm sure Boggy Bottom Bantams can tell you anything you want to know about d'Anvers, since he raises them and has I believe at least 13 varieties with more to come.
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    I used to own a Quail bantam rooster. He was awsome![​IMG] Really pretty! I read lots of things on the internet that said that the roos were usually aggressive but mine wasn't at ALL.

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