Bearded or non-bearded Silkies


10 Years
Aug 31, 2009
What is the difference between bearded and non-bearded Silkies? We have a Red 5 week old Silkie Pullet that has no feathers on her legs or feet like the rest of our 5 week old pullets. Any pictures and explantions please?
Here is a pic of my beared silkie roo ~



And here is a pic of my non bearded silkie pair ~


Both of mine have feathered feet ~ Could your pullet possible be crossed with something else? As far as I know ~ all silkies are supposed to have feathered legs..
bearded silkies literally have beards-not like ZZtop beards
...but they have chubby cheek beards and non-bearded do have a little fluff on their chins so they are not naked necks but not full fluffy beards. The feathers on legs and such are typical of silkies...Are you sure yours are silkies? can you post pictures? The experts on here can tell you in a second what they are for you:)
Pele is a Silkie far as I can tell . She compared to the rest of the 5 week flock from MPC has hardly any fluff on her legs. She is supposed to be a red Silkie. I notice of her personality she is alot more assertive and inquistive and a bit bossy than the rest. I did take a bit extra tlc with her as when she arrived she needed it . She was not reallyweak .I believe it was a poopy rearend, also needed a little bit of sugar water hand fed to her while I held her and gave her comfort.. She is possibly going to be a leader of flock, she has to approve of everything that is done in the brooder,constantly checking what I am doing. I lost a patridge and a blue and a and another Silkie unspecified color but was yellowish when arrived. This is why I might get health history distorted ,mixed up between the 3 that needed extra tlc at beginning. I just find it odd that she lacks the fluff like the others have on their legs ,butts and feet. Tail is a little fluffy.......... I do not have a camera sorry.

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