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    Sep 20, 2011
    la rue, ohio
    2012 bearded paint cockerel he is a black on paint breeding so he does have some black leakage in his hackles but crossing him with a white/ paint hen his offspring should have little to no leakage. nice DARK skin, and comb/wattles. hed be a good start for a paint program, he still has some pin feathers coming in and has heavy booting all the way to his 5th toes, and has pretty decent toe spacing. Hes being picked on by my younger cockerel and i dont the the space available to separate them :(
    im asking $30 OBO im open to reasonable offers as id like to get him out of the barn so he has his own flock and is no longer being picked on.
    shipping available at buyers expense i have a box i can reuse
    if interested please pm me, respond here or email [email protected]
    pic is recent and from this past week

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