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    This is a Buy It Now Listing - Please PM to say sold! - or Place your sold in a reply.

    Please Remember that they will not ship until weather is permitting on both ends.

    Payments Accepted: Paypal, Google Checkout & Money Orders.

    *Note*: I cannot ship to Virginia.

    This will ship with veggies and go Express Mail. These will not be bathed due to the weather but will be sprayed for Mites. I will wash there feet though. These will not ship out until weather at both ends permits. Payment is due within 3 days of purchasing.
    Paint Silkie Trio: This is a very nice trio The cockerel has off coloring. Paints are a new color and still are not perfected. Please understand this before bidding/buying these. These are 7 Months old and have the correct amount of toes with nice foot feathering. The feet are a little dirty do to the snow and mud here.
    Bands: Blue Band and Orange Band.
    Shipping: $85.00 Includes Box price. BUY IT NOW: $125.00
    Pictures do not do these justice. It is either snowy or rainy here and they look a mess.
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