Bearded Silkie bantam egg clearance from Catdance Silkies


9 Years
May 22, 2010
I need to clear out some silkie eggs before they become omelets so am offering 12+ eggs for a low starting price. I have about 6 dozen I'd like to ship out tomorrow (6/8) so please contact me if you are interested in buying some at the ending auction price. Sorry, but I can't offer a color selection, but your eggs should include some of partridge, buff, black, blue/splash & white. If available & the buyer wants them, I may have a few eggs available from my lavender project pen. This pen consists of a lav roo with daughters of my porcelain hen. The farm is NPIP certified and AI tested clean. I do show my birds & have placed Best of Breed at my last 2 shows. You can see more of my silkies at
If you are a serious silkie breeder, you should NOT let these eggs get by you!! Lovely birds...fantastic breeder...

I have an incubator full of her eggs due in 2 days!!

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