Bearded Silkie Chicks in S. Florida


9 Years
Mar 2, 2013
Davie, Fl
I have beautiful Bearded Silkie chicks of different ages some were hatched Easter weekend (10.00 each), some hatched this week, and some this morning. I will hold the newly hatched till I feel they are stable and good to go. These are from show quality birds and the babies are fantastic. The chicks have poofy heads and feathered feet. I can send photos on request. They are from my tiny small flock and are super healthy. No worries here about healthy birds. I would like to sell in groups of 3 or more cause everyone needs a buddy. Discounts for more then 3 chicks, I have 12 of various ages and colors.
Also I have 3 14 week old Bearded Silkies and they are stunning, fully feathered feet and huge poofy heads and the feathers are still coming in. If I had the room I would keep these three birds but sadly I don't and I would like to see them go to a fantastic home. I can make a package deal on these for 3 for 50.00. These are stunning birds with beautiful personalities you won't be disappointed. If you would like photos - Please ask.
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