Bearded Silkie Eggs, Buff, Black and Blue NPIP in Alabama

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Bryant Alabama
    I have 18 eggs I would like to mail tomorrow. Most are from my Buff Silkie Pen but there are some from my Blue/Black pen. Fertility has been 99% here with those that are laying. I double wrap and provide extra insulation for eggs being sent to the north.

    The shipment will include eggs from the girl shown who won Reserve Feather Leg at the Show in Clanton AL last fall. Buffs eggs include eggs from a Best Variety hen and several of her offspring. I have culled hard this year are the buff pens is looking better than ever.

    This is a paypal listing, please post this thread with SOLD and submit payment to : [email protected]

    Thanks for looking.
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    Would love to give them a try jimnjay!

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