Bearded Silkies and Bantam Cochins(Re-posted under BST chickens)


12 Years
Mar 5, 2007
Sorry I posted this under the wrong catagory! I reposted in the right place:) So please disreguard this post


I'm cleaning house a bit and making room for growing babies. I have the following available, pick up only.

Show Quality White Cochin Cock-- Beautiful bird, excellent breeder has placed consistantly well for us at shows 50.00

Blue Hen and Splash Cock bird-- Excellent breeding pair, the male has great color, the female has good lacing both have excellent type 75.00 for the pair.

Black Cochin Pair-- Another excellent pair, the male has placed at the top at every show, the female has excellent type will produce excellent black offspring 85.00 for the pair.

Black Bearded Silkie Pair-- Pet Quality but beautiful 25.00 for the pair

Two Bearded Silkie Chicks--Pet Quality, female is vaulted and blue the male is black 5.00 each.

We are NPIP certified.

I also have lionhead rabbits available, bucks and does, all come with pedigree

Feel free to visit our website at

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